light place space

Diana Henry is a visual artist who works primarily in site specific environments and draws on the activities within these environments - from the movement of people to the diurnal patterns of light - to inform her work.

"I am particularly interested in the way people use and respond to spaces and in how their activities and those of natural elements such as light can affect a space. Through artistic intervention, I explore how I too can affect that space and in doing so raise awareness and perhaps change people’s perceptions of their environment.

Much of my material is drawn from observing the qualities and patterns of light and interpreting these through simple animated imagery and projection.”

Diana is also a creative producer with expertise in digital/media production, experiential events, marketing/PR and workshop leadership for the arts, education and corporate sectors. She has a masters in Theatre: Visual Language of Performance (Wimbledon College of Art, 2006), is a qualified trainer/teacher in life long learning skills and mentors students from UAL (University of the Arts London) and entry-level production personnel in the creative industries.